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A specially developed author's treatment method helps him achieve the necessary results of work . To date, tens of thousands of patients thanks to it were able to get rid of ailments and enjoy life  completely.





I turned to the doctor with severe spasms in my throat, I could not speak at all in the most important moments. Now I am healed! Thank you Viktor Fedorovich!


I am Sofya Vasilievna Moskalenko, I thank the psychotherapist Chiyanov V.F. for treatment sessions that brought me back to life when I was in a very bad state after my husband's tragic death. Doctors didn't find treatment until I got here. Now I feel good, I want to live and even work, although I am retired. And once again, many thanks to such people who understand people in difficult times and come to the rescue. B-Dniestrovsky st. Anisimov 69 28.05.1991

Diencephalic syndrome

I, Mastyuga Larisa Andreevna, born in 1950

Odessa, st. Zabolotny 55. flat 54

In 1982, working as an emergency medical doctor TBI (accident). She was treated in the neurosurgical department of the BSP. Received disability group 3.

2 weeks after the injury, night attacks appeared (headache, anxiety, palpitations, shivering, urination profuse). She took corvalol, belloid, but-shpu to stop the attack. She worked, was on duty in the hospital. Seizures were rare after overwork.

In 1997, after receiving anesthesia for gynecological surgery (benign by biopsy), crises appeared at 3 a.m. almost daily, which I could stop on the advice of an assistant professor of the Department of OMI Sibazon or relanium IV. I continued to work and be on duty at the department. post-infarction rehabilitation.

Received the highest qualif. category. The attacks did not leave me daily, I even had to inject relanium with 2 ampoules of i.m.

My mother was desperate and I was too. I was very afraid that there would be an addiction to relanium and it would no longer help me, I would be an addicted patient, but my doctor assured me that this would not happen!

My mother, after seeing an advertisement on TV about doctor psychotherapist V.F. Chiyanov, brought me by the hand for a consultation at the Arkadia Hotel.

After consulting V.F. Chiyanov, I already came out as another person - confident, hairless, in a good mood (the night before there was an attack and I received an IV relanium). On the same night, I fell asleep without a painful diencephalic crisis. Hooray!

After the course of treatment, I completely forgot about severe attacks and the relanium itself to the present. Low bow to the Doctor!

In 2014, I changed my job so that I could do more night duty, because my mother needed my help. The team was wonderful, but I've never worked in a private clinic. Did I worry about the new situation and will I cope with dignity?

I began to lose weight, my stomach hurt, i.e. crises resumed, they examined: colonoscopy, SFS, tests, medicines, but nothing helped. oncology is excluded, but type 2 diabetes mellitus was found and morphor, otlysis, droppers were prescribed. Again, V.F. Chiyanov came to the rescue, after the course of treatment, everything returned to normal: the DE crises uncoupled from me, the weight returned to normal. Thank you dear doctor!

I returned to my previous work and have been working without remarks and successfully.

In 2018-19, V.F. Chiyanov came to the rescue again, the kindest doctor  helped me to restore after a psycho-emotional overload (death of my mother, illness of my granddaughter). Without a single pill, fears passed, anxiety, insomnia, increased blood pressure, confidence, optimism came. I continued to work and was on duty in a sanatorium where there were more than 300 patients, and there was only one doctor.

Low bow to the talent and professionalism of the Sweet Doctor.

And what tender good poems the Doctor writes!

Read them, people! There is a Soul of a rare gold breed!

Thank you rare person!

Thank God! 27.03.2023

С Виктором Федоровичем я познакомилась в октябре 2022года.Из-за войны мы уехали в Польшу. На хронические заболевания наложился стресс,панические атаки,невроз.От гипертонии принимала каждодневно КАСАРК Н,от стресса невропатолог прописал деприсанты,но они не помогали,была безсонница,от лечения не было никакого эффекта.На ФБ я нашла случайно страничку Виктора Фёдоровича позвонила,он назначил мне консультацию и я решила пролечиться онлайн по скайпу.С первого дня лечения Виктор Фёдорович отменил все препараты ,я конечно сомневалась,что без препаратов я не обойдусь,но увы обошлась.Прошло после лечения полгода,я не принимаю ничего ,гипертонии нету,щитовидка в норме,невроз ушёл,сон наладился ,панические атаки ушли ,мне наверное Господь Бог послал такого доктора,который знает свое профессиональное дело,психологию,анатомию,что даже онлайн лечит людей.Хочу поблагодарить такого грамотного ,профессионального психотерапевта за лечение,за терпение.Хочу пожелать Виктору Фёдоровичу крепкого здоровья,ведь его лечение уникальное,он отдаёт свою частичку энергии нам.А ещё Виктор Фёдорович пишет замечательные стихи,на тему лирики,любви.Супер,зайдите на страничку прочитайте! 28. 07. 2023.


dr. chiyanov

Hello, respected TV viewers! In the program "Master Class School" on how stress affects our health, judgment is complete. We still know very little. The first was the definition of stress by the Canadian physiologist Gancelier in 1936. "Stress is the strained state of the human body, both physical and mental." Indeed, the human body is one thing - the soul and body, and any disease is a problem of the person's personality. Where does vegetative-vascular dystonia come from, or, for example, hypertonic disease? About this and many
friend in the program "Master Class School." So, we're starting. Today, the program "Master Class School" is visiting, Chiyanov Viktor Fedorovich, a doctor-psychotherapist. We are, as always, working in a direct ether. Phone in the studio 746-50-63. Doctor-psychotherapist Viktor Fedorovich Chiyanov is not the first in visiting the program "Master Class School." His advice, recommendations will help all those who want to help themselves and their loved ones. Is stress a condition of the soul or a diagnosis?
This is the first topic of our program. Good evening, Victor Fedorovich! Once again you are visiting us and always your appearance is related to that there are already problems that you want to solve, you want to ask you questions, and when we discussed before the ether the topics that we will be talking about today, You first said let's talk about stress, because really stress is where all the pain starts. Victor Fedorovich, I have such a blank for you. I wanted to ask you. And now I ask. You know, I read that stress is even useful somewhere that a person who is stressed, on the one hand, it is, of course, a very strong strain of the body, it causes illness, but on the other hand, in some cases of stress, a person may need. Here's your opinion on this? In general, it is, because there is stress there are two stages. You talked now about the so-called stress that trains.
There is a state of distress, when there is so much stress, powerful that the body can not cope, and causes breakdowns, some painful conditions, and dead stresses, small stresses - they train the body, they train both physically and psychologically a person, so now talk about the negative side, because it is really the stress that such negative consequences in our organization, as you are a psychotherapist can help a person who is experiencing a constant state of stress? We headlined the first topic...

- Yes, stress in the form when it has a strong mass impact or long-lasting effect, early or late leads to various violations - first reversible, then unadulterated, so, estably, you can't say that stress is for both
stress - it can be, as you see, a diagnosis.

Because if a person has such a job, where he is persistently subjected to stress, it is already a state of mind, and the corresponding consequences. If he is a strong person, then some time can work normally, but then the distant consequences of nothing good promise. Well, if you talk in general, the stresses are of different kinds, and it can be a psychological-emotional consequence of some broken relationship - social, labor, stress can be chemical. These are people who hang around a lot of coffee
or people who are addicted to drugs, but again, the doses and nature of the thing itself determine what will happen to the person in the future.

There are biological stresses - OPD, influenza, bacterial infection, permissible, sepsis of the same organism or pneumonia - this is also stress. That's actually stress - it's a general reaction of the body protective to any physical, psychological impact - temperature changes, climate changes, wind, it got cold or hot - here's the stress, climate stress, so here we are
They said: "A person is training, an athlete, he is constantly under stress, but if a training is properly carried out, he intensifies his physical condition." Let's admit, psychological stress. A person must face some problems in life, he must overcome them. If these problems train him, he becomes psychologically very resilient. Here's the point of raising a child - so that he can overcome stress. Let's take the case you probably face.
So, if there really is a person well in any regard to being in a state of stress, say there's the child came late from school, let's say yes, or something else, some kind of appearance that might not be that big, well, say, tragic, can be determined, but the person is constantly in some state of stress. How can you teach this person whether a psychotherapist has the means to calm him down after all? He took adequately the situation that comes in his life. About so-called little people, there are some people who have certain
type of nervous activity, very entertaining, permissible, so all irritants they take very close to the heart, accept, worry, think long. It could be an unusual type of nervous activity.

Well, maybe a strong person can break down as a result of some gray, usually a strong person is superior, but I have had such very severe cases when a series of very severe accidents, and on the way out a person is already like this - no, in depression all, little and so far active, strong man.

That is in principle, everyone has a degree of fatigue of the nervous system, and how can some stress rise as a key to the lock, let's have it for everyone, some such weak places. Well, in this case, they really help psychotherapy sessions that I conduct, because they lead to a state of psychological fatigue, emotional fatigue. Well, of course, they take away the internal tension that causes stress, the tension that destroys a person. Are there any treatments?
Here, not to be voiceless, let's go.
Some example, maybe, not out of your practice, maybe really happened in your practice, that's if a person has such a situation, when there are some very big troubles, stress situations, maybe, well, the death of some close people or there are some kind of life problems, there are divorces and there are divorces so far away. And here it goes one by one, one with the other people is in a state of stress and, it would seem, a healthy person - here it starts literally on the eyes of what is called, to hide. You're like a psychotherapist.
Can you help in this case to get a man out of this condition? Such an example, not so tragic, but, in general in life, a woman took 15-20 years, both - she developed after the divorce, the husband made a very good career, she became an ordinary woman who raised a child, 
but deep in her soul it was insulted that she was like this, and life turned out, and resentment against her husband and, in general, she did not live all the time with this feeling of resentment, but a person cannot fully exist and, taking a course of treatment, she then to me.
She said: "The doctor, well, the stone is gone from the soul - and that's it, and I no longer look out for my husband, I normally meet him when he comes, comes to his daughter, and always somehow she has everything that says. I rejoice in life, a lot of things have changed, generally attitude to life and a look at life, "when a person enters a normal psychological state is all stressful situations - they seem to be Buddhist such statements, that consciousness should be similar to the surface of the lake, where the sky is reflected and then we feel good, we view life well, and emotions are these waves that go through this breath, and everything is there, then there is a person who is in some emotional state, he cannot appreciate the full situation in life - in personal life, in work there, somewhere else, so when the spiritual state is balanced, settled, gets better, perceives, sees, understands and, naturally, more adequately it acts in life. It was understood that there are such situations, addressed to you, it is possible that a psychotherapist works with this person who is under constant stress, as if to remove this stressful state of stress, then he can no longer constantly work for a long time in many ways, and he ends as it were treatment. There is a guarantee that a person is really released from this condition after all, rather than re-entering this depression, waiting for a psychotherapist to arrive and take off him again, let's say this offending, is this what your patient had? You know, in medicine, the word "guarantee" does not exist at all, there is a chance of recovery, there is a probability of more or less, 
let's say, yes, and an experienced enemy, he can know that about, coming from his life, professional experience, what he can do. What really applies to the results of treatment, is the fact that at 10 to 15 years old people feel normal, here I have a woman who came a few years ago, then 15 years ago she was treated, everything was fine and something happened there, some stress, no longer remember. She came to me for a repeat course after 15 years. You know, this is what happens, that maybe before, because the psychology and character of people are different, but the very nature of the psychological effect - he's not just how to understand? It's not a cure - it's all coming from a doctor. And if the pain and I have made a good psychological, human contact, fully soaks up this treatment, if some mistrust, if any doubt, if you do not like something or the person does not understand what is with him, what treatment or fear of this treatment, then treatment does not go in the open door, it passes there on some crevices, passes, but everything is equally valid, yes, but not as if a person really trusted the doctor with all his soul, so the quality of treatment depends on the doctor, and the mood and desire of the patient, everything is very yes, we will say... Ask questions, do not contain your problems, even your call, the desire to ask a question is already a reference to the resolution of your problems, you must have heard about such upset "dystonia." What's hidden under that term? What can help in this guest of our program? Let's ask this question together. "Vegetative dystonia: causes, methods of treatment" is the second topic of our program. So, popular, without medical terminals: the causes of the disease "vegetative-vascular dystonia," the disease, which is associated with the disorder of the work of the cardiovascular center, but manifests itself in the violation of the level of arterial pressure.
Here, but again, this condition is a stress trace, one of the kind of stress mice is the heart-vascular system, it is the heart-vascular system that takes.
the main stress stroke, because any stress is associated with increased pressure, increased heart rate and various heart rhythm disorders, and often repeated stress situations lead to the expansion of the work of this center, and it can no longer fully regulate the vascular tone. In addition to the fact that there is a collision of pressure, this is all accompanied by headaches, dizziness, frostbite conditions, semi-abnormal conditions, there can also be various unpleasant sensations in the body, in the abdomen, there can be a feeling of heat, cold, can simply increase the temperature and gently decrease too. That's vegetative-vascular dystonia. - this is the upset of the autonomic function of the nervous system, this is the part of the nervous system that regulates the work of all our internal organs and, in reality,
and, of course, such reactions are associated with the release of hormones, respectively, stress can lead not only to vegetative-vascular hormonal disorder and many other diseases, but most often manifests vegetative-vascular, estuarine, treatment which must be treated - It's again, there are different ways, there is medical treatment, there are physiotherapy procedures, do some massages, there are baths, people take soothing herbs, but they all act as if on the end manifestation of the disease, on some separate symptoms, but do not act on the entire nervous system. Psychotherapy affects the entire nervous system globally and then still acts on all internal organs.
- That's how I understand, if we have started the first topic of "stress" and have already come to vegetarian dystonia, right, the diagnosis called?
It turns out that here are your methods of treatment, as I now understand when dealing with you, you kind of treat a person with stress, right? They're from a vegetarian-vascular dystonia, right?
- You understand that a person can normalize his life, stress may not already be started, you know, here are some of the interesting things, we are treating the cause of the disease, so the disease goes away. No, it happens that the reason has already gone, long forgotten, and the disease is already developing according to its internal laws, that is the nervous system here is the regulator of all our functions, there are programmed all the people who should be if these programs, which are laid down by nature, are knocked down. Regardless of what the reason was, she will already work on the crashed program, so psychotherapy can, by interfering with the nervous system, regulate and restore the essential reactions of the body, essential cardiovascular, cardiac, respiratory, whatever reactions, psychological reactions, because

because they are in the body, we need to remind the body how it should work, and no medicine can cope with this, any medicine acts on some fragment of pain, so to speak. And this globally immediately affects all the systems of the organization, which in general, when we talk, the already running disease is already broken, the stress has knocked down the program, and here you have methods that allow you to restore, restore this program, let's say so, if in your language you just can just say in two words that it is, in two words - first, I pass personal energy, psychological,
physical. Because here the only, well, let's say, the energy flow is disturbed, and psychology and physical some qualities are personally transmitted to the patient, and besides that, there is a calm. It is as if a person is resting, resting and filled with the energy that the body already uses, through the channels it needs, directs this energy to the necessary pain organ of the body system and so on 
That is, in fact, we can say that the body knows better than the doctor, where my task is redirected - to give this energy to the person to act, and then self-repair processes are launched. Well, here's the energy giveaway - let's talk later, and now I want to get back to the third topic. Hypertonic disease, which also, in general, comes from stress. We're continuing the program. Once, the term "hypertension" in medicine and biology was an increased tension of mice, and the term "hypertension is an increased pressure inside the vessels, the emotional state of a person. "Hypertonic disease" - this is how the third, closing theme of the program sounds. I understand that hypertonic disease
and vegetarian dystonia is somewhere, in general, the calls of one chain or it is completely two different diseases. I think vegetative-vascular dystonia can be the stage followed by hypertonia.
That is, if we do not cope with this, then early or late these vascular reactions of the body are constant, then if we allow pressure to epizodically increase with vegetative-vascular dystonia, then with hypertony it becomes constant.
That's kind of counteracting the road to hypertony, so you can talk about three stages just to focus. The first stage of diastolic pressure is 95 million meters, then the second stage is 105 million meters of mercury table diastolic. And the third is already 115 mm of mercury. If in the first stage of pressure a hypertonic crisis can occur rarely, then there is a small increase, then in the second stage it is more common, and in the third stage it is constantly high pressure, constant high not only diastolic, systolic and causes of hypertension - they are, in principle, all known. It's other than stress, it's extreme, it's smoking, drinking alcohol, itchy weight and hypodynamics, so here's a thing if you look at all of this for a reason, then here's 
- what does a person do? They smoke, drink, the stress reaction that he - he took, came, densely ate, and somehow in his soul he became, let's say, a person has stress, he kind of when there are a lot of emotions, internal endorphines are released, then there are things out of the intestine that cause feelings pleasure of these gourmets, people who get from food pleasure,
stress is thus removed. Therefore, although there is another option for the development of stress, when there are those, so the stress is, of course, mainly vegetative-vascular dystonia and hypertonia. Well, of course, the third is the most difficult stage, when the pressure is constantly high, it can end with an stroke or an infarction, because constant overvoltage of blood vessels can lead to spasm not only of cerebral vessels, but also of the heart, and as a consequence of already severe complications and very severe consequences.
Therefore, it is best to start treating vegetative-vascular dystonia, if somehow this moment has left, it is better to treat already hypertony of the primary stage. As far as my treatment is concerned, the most effective treatment is the first - the second stage of the disease, and if you take it on the upper border, on systolic pressure, then I can treat it to 180 mmHg, reduce it to a normal level. Normal pressure here a person should have what a mark - 120 by 60 to 140. 140 is a transition. That's what low pressure is associated with in a person?

Due to the fact that the vascular center is not working correctly, you have manifestations, but although, if you are a brother, you can admit, maybe, the yields of your nervous system, you can talk about dystonia, as if a person is prejudiced, and so he may have, if he has reduced pressure, then usually this person will die easily, there is a bad one there tolerates cold, some other loads.

Here it can be some kind of harvest of their own as a result of some defects in the intrauterine or some other suffering diseases, too, of some infectious ones.

- Here's the reduced pressure, too, is considered a diagnosis or still, whatever it is?
- If this is a sharp reduction in pressure, then this is already a pathological reaction, and if a person's whole life is reduced, definitely such an option for this person, I think that here is your explanation, these questions that, we understand, have caused revelations, so there is a lot of questions, time is not enough, let's answer the questions of TV writers.

Can I take off the stress of the mixture? Here's the question.
- Well, you understand that severe stress or stress is chronic, artists can reduce the manifestation of this stress reaction, so I want to say that stress has two components - the psychological and the component are exchanged, that is, if we take medications, we act only on one component - on the exchange of things, we in this way we act 
In exchange for things, we act in such a way that some things decrease in blood that cause a sense of stress. But if the psychological moment, if a person is not protected from this stress, he will still repeat himself and then you will take dozens of times, hundreds of times mixture, but will not act. I don't use chemical drugs.
You have your own treatment method, I realized.

I live in constant stress.
What are the possible ways to remove stress when limiting free time?
I think it's this, in general, very difficult question, and so in two words you won't answer, but I think I just have to, if you can't change the situation, change the attitude towards it, then there is, but again, to change the attitude towards the situation, you have to be a strong person, you have to carry out some kind of coup inside yourself, say, to do this, you need some kind of coup also psychological efforts.
"How does a child relieve stress?" - that's the question.
It's under constant stress, maybe it's related to some overloads.
Well, I can say, psychotherapy is ideal for children, because it doesn't need any chemical drugs, nothing, especially since I have a special technique for children when I ask children for psychotherapy precisely for their age.
So how many sessions do you need to restore pressure? 70 years of Ekaterina Mikhailovna. " You have to see a man, because 70 years old is the age when the vessels have the wrong elasticity. Although, on the other hand, I've had cases of him getting back to normal like this, it's all not ideal. It needs to be seen by a person, maybe so, maybe 22 years old called, says that there are surges of pressure. What can it be related to and how can you help her, can you?
That's what it would be like to call a phone number now, maybe there's a sense that callers didn't make it? They can turn to me on 735 5248 and if they fail to answer all the questions, people can turn and, maybe, consult and if, let's say, our viewers literally have a question right now, you can hold off for a few minutes to take a phone call, to the last question.
Stress can be removed psychologically, and medically it is possible, I am already on this topic, that to some extent it is possible to reduce the impact of stress. Well, the easiest way is to get a good bite and treat into a warm bath filled with some aromatic things, which is a physical way to take off stress, because we have already said that if a person has eaten tightly, tasty food, endorphines are produced if it is warm - loosened vessels
Yes, if it inhales the scent of some herbs that are nice to it, it also affects the level of emotions in some way, again in the sense that it can be like an ethope, as a way, for some time, the main way of taking off and reshaping the body, it affects the psychological effect on the person, then there is one person can affect the other, soul.
acts on the soul, so in this way we can remove these stresses, strengthen. Well, I meet repeatedly when we communicate, even here the stress that I had today, and when I experience, we meet up with you more easily, this is not in the advertising plan, there are some positive emotions circulating between people. I will thank you for your conversation. I think those people who are really interested in our problems and our conversation are bound to look back at you, and you will advise them in more detail. Thank you and wait for you next time in our studio.
Thank you very much, today we can definitely say that our human body is the only soul and our body. Even the great philosopher of antiquity Socrates 2,400 years ago said: "There is no telesnoy disease separately from the soul," so we began today talking with Dr. Chiyanov about the stresses that destroy our organism. Even one of the founders of local oncology, Petrov, drew attention to doctors that it was important to understand the patient as a person and treat the patient, not the disease. In short, our positive attitude is more effective than many medicines. Let's take care of ourselves and take care of the positive. Today, the guest of the program "Master Class School" was Chiyanov Viktor Fedorovich, a psychotherapist. Happy, see you!



dr. chiyanov

While I had rheumatoid arthritis for a year, it was the consequence of her walks. She could not walk then, after treatment in the hospital, she was treated twice. The hands were deformed, feet as well, and she couldn't walk. She could not walk, hold a spoon or anything but then we turned to Victor Fedorovich literally somewhere over the course of half a year, there were sessions of 10 sessions of 20 sessions already over nine years and the child can walk again, thanks to him for helping